Wisconsin Car Insurance

Wisconsin is a state that really capitalizes on great food. From hamburgers, two fish and chips you name it. It’s hard not to go outside and enjoy the outdoor activities available while munching on a nice fat burger that fills you up. And you know alongside the affordable food one thing for sure we can give you affordable car insurance as well. So here’s everything you need to know I will car insurance in Wisconsin and how you can have some cost savings.

Required Coverages

 Wisconsin has quite a bit more requirements when it comes to car insurance, especially at the base level. You’re required to have both liability insurance as well as uninsured motorist coverage.  So here are the limits you’d be looking at in the state of Wisconsin.

  •  $25,000 of bodily injury coverage per person
  •  $50,000 a bodily injury coverage per accident
  •  $10,000 dollars of property damage car accident

The requirements for uninsured motorist coverage in the state of Wisconsin are exactly what your liability insurance would be. So the limits will be $25,000 for bodily injury coverage per person and $50,000 a bodily injury coverage per accident.

Optional Coverages

 Here’s some optional coverage is available to you if you think that the minimum requirements are not sufficient.

Factors Affecting Your Insurance Premium

 State of Wisconsin uses the following factors to help determine your insurance premium with your carrier.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Location of the vehicle
  • Your place to stay
  • Make model and year of the vehicle
  • How many miles to drive
  • Driving record
  • Lapses in insurance
  • And more

 To get a detailed list contact your local insurance agents and they’ll will be able to help you out

Is Wisconsin a no-fault state?

 No, in fact, Wisconsin is a fault state meaning that before insurance comes into play, someone must be deemed at fault. Of course, there are scenarios where it’s obvious who would get full to search someone getting rear-ended, but in other situations, for example, someone might have run a red light a becomes a little bit more complex. But once the party has been deemed at fault, their insurance company will come into play and cover damages for both parties. 

Average cost of insurance in Wisconsin

Alongside the great food, Wisconsin has their car insurance premiums follow after. On average people in Wisconsin pay about $1,000 each year on car insurance, when you compare that to the national average of the United States at about 27% lower. Who else would complain?