The Best Car Insurance Companies for 2020

Owning a vehicle is one thing, but you must have car insurance on that vehicle before you can legally use it in most states. It is something that you need to keep yourself safe from any unfortunate events when driving on the road. It’s there to make sure that you pay as little out of pocket in the case of filing a claim. 

When looking for the best car insurance companies for 2020 price is one of the main driving factors, but it isn’t the thing that seals the deal for customers. Companies need to focus entirely on customer relations and how seamless the process will be from start to finish. But to remain on top, you have to have high scores in customer satisfaction, amazing prices and seamless hiccup-free claims processes – oh and to mention, adaptability; so, for example, mobile apps. 

So if you are looking for a new car insurance companies worth checking out, check out the compilation of the few below, who are actually rated some of the best car insurance companies in 2020.

After compiling information from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports here are some of the top insurance companies that check everything on the list, that’s why we say it’s worth checking out.

Ratings for the Best Car Insurance Companies of 2020

We already narrowed down on the best companies we recommend you check out so here’s the list:

  • Best in Customer Service: State Farm
  • Best Policies: The Hartford
  • Best for Adapting: Geico
  • Best Discounts: Progressive
  • Best Overall: Amica Mutual

State Farm: Best Customer Service Levels

Across the nation, State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies. It has been number one for many years, basically meaning that are the best. That when we say the best, of course, we mean all levels but the one thing that really stands out it’s our level of customer service. When weighed in by all reviews, did actually had the highest positive marks. especially the process from start to finish when filing a claim or needing any help, was exceptionally easier.

The process is so easy, speaking with State Farm and getting connected with an agent is like a walk in the park. They are incredibly helpful, offering help across live agents and even online. 

We’d also like to mention that if you are new and would like to get connected to State Farm, connect with them here. 

But alongside greatness, doesn’t mean perfection – sound’s not so cool, but here’s a pro’s and con’s list that pretty much sums up State Farm for you.


Customer Service: National levels of customer service. Speaking with live agents are doing anything on your own is incredibly easy and probably the easiest ones all other insurance companies.

Stability: Being the number one insurance company across the United States, it’s safe to say that State Farm has a strong foundation that is able to maintain stability. It’s good for you when you’re shopping around for insurance.


Discounts: There are some few minutes you’ll discounted options at State Farm doesn’t have oh, it isn’t a deal-breaker but it’s worth noting.

Policies:  State Farm investing in a few policies as well when compared to its competitors, you’re not able to stack on ensure driving coverage. Now with that being the case, it could actually deter some people from purchasing insurance from State Farm

The Hartford: Best Policies


You may not have actually heard of this company, but across the United States and ranks number 11. It’s one of those smaller insurance companies out there but nonetheless it isn’t something you should neglect. They have some of the best insurance policies, that you may not see with some of the top competitors out there.




Coverage:  They have some unique cartridges that are non-existent too many insurance companies. For example their mechanical coverages, this is actually means of anything that’s not covered under your car’s manufacturer’s warranty would be covered by your insurance company.


Policies: The Hartford insurance companies also have some of the widest range insurance coverages out there available. 




Filing Claims: The reviews for The Hartford insurance company when it comes to claims processes are mediocre. Based on the reviews it’s looking at like a solid 3 out of 5 stars. But honestly out of the entire company, this is something that they can improve on which will put them in the top ranks. 

Geico Insurance: Best at Adapting

We all know about Geico Insurance, how can you miss the catchy commercials? Well, the reason that we are saying that they’re the best of adapting is that there so tech-savvy, they actually make anything to do with insurance so easy. If you want to reach out to an agent, you can do it via your app and on top of that everything is done in a timely manner so what’s the complaint about?


Mobile App:  Geico Insurance lets you control your insurance policy solely based on their app. You can do whatever you want to such as making payments Adjusting your policies you name it. And honestly, with all the reviews that it has backed up behind it, you can see why their mobile presence is far better than their competitors. 

Discounts: Being solely mobile-based, you can imagine that they already have affordable premiums. But that being said, they have a plethora of discounts that you can add on to your policy help save on insurance each month.


Experience: The experience with Geico is great, but if you’re someone who’s looking to speak with agents all the time you’re not the right fit. Their experiences predominately digital so everything’s other than on their website or through their app.

Progressive: Best Discounts

Progressive Insurance is a great company, they have a large customer base probably one of the most expensive premiums on the market. So if you’re looking to have some affordable coverages definitely check out Progressive. They offer an impressive selection of discounts that you can stack upon each other and even offer special insurance on how to significantly reduce your monthly expenses.


Discounts: Progressive insurance basically tells you that you’d be qualifying for many different discounts. Now imagine if you’re able to stock these discounts on to get a cheap premium?

Customer Service: When compared to other companies, Progressive Insurance, and pretty good customer service. To make everything as seamless as they can they try that they have live agents ready to attend you at any time.

Amica: Rated Best Overall

Based on research compiled from JD power and many other sources, Amica Insurance is probably the strongest company in the ranking. They’ve had above-average customer service levels and some of the most affordable premiums out there. also tied on to this, they have some straightforward claims processes where make it seem nice and easy for the customer to get everything done from start to finish.

Customer Service: They have some great customer service levels where they provide you with ample support from live agents and even online. This shouldn’t be overlooked when compared to other insurance companies, they have done almost everything they can in a timely matter with the adequate support needed.

Coverages: Amica Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance coverage is available to you That not many Companies on the market offer.

Great Discounts: they offer a wide variety of discount so you can stack on to make your insurance premium much more affordable if you have multiple Vehicles you can take advantage of it as well.


Discounts: We’ve already mentioned that one of their Pros are having the number of discounts that they do, but they do miss some of the most crucial and probably standardized discounts available. 

How to get the Best Insurance Coverages for 2020

Being a consumer you already know that the reality how’s things is that there’s no insurance company that’s better than the other. Their Custom Tailor to Target a certain population of people or they can benefit. So just because one insurance company doesn’t do it for you doesn’t mean it won’t do it for the other. But here are some tips you should consider to make sure that you get the best all-around experience with your insurance company.

Shop Around

You should definitely take the time to shop around, get as many quotes as you can from different insurance companies and start comparing them. See what they have to offer and what’s different finding out what you can benefit from with these insurance companies, in the long run, is what you should be looking for. You can also Shop with a local agent or even online, either one of these methods provides their own benefits but definitely try them both out just to make sure that you don’t have any pricing discrepancy.


One of the most driving factors outside of the initial interaction with the companies is the price. That’s the one thing that sticks and the one thing you’ll have to be paying for each month. so during the process of speaking with an agent, or pricing everything out online, you must make sure you consider discounts. These discounts may not seem like a lot right away but they do stack and could reduce our insurance premiums significantly.