State Farm Auto Insurance – What You Need to Know

State Farm auto insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. Based in Birmingham in the US, they are a massive prominent casualty and property insurance and financial service provider. It is a mutual company and as such policyholders own it. Providing some of the best insurance policies and customer service available in the insurance space today State Farm auto insurance is not one to turn down. Serving over 83 million customers you know that you are in good hands.

Being one of the most reputable companies in the auto insurance space State Farm provides you with incredible benefits and affordable pricing. Having this type of reputation on the market you’ll have peace of mind when choosing a health insurance policy, life insurance policy, home insurance policy and even an auto insurance policy.

If you want to be apart of the biggest insurance company in the United States, State Farm Car Insurance is the way to go.

Benefits of State Farm Car Insurance

State Farm offers the typical insurance policies you can get from any insurance provider out there, although they have the best premiums and coverage you can ask for. Offering you with car insurance, motorbike insurance, boat insurance, off road vehicle insurance and even motorhome insurance, State Farm has all vehicles covered for you. Not many insurance companies offer this type of coverage.

  • Collision Auto Insurance
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance
  • Liability Auto Insurance
  • Car Rental and Travel Expense Insurance
  • Uninsured & Underinsured Insurance Coverage
  • Medical Payment Insurance
  • Emergency Roadside Insurance
  • Rideshare Insurance

These are all the insurance coverages that are offered to you by State Farm Car Insurance. With over 15,000 agents nationwide you are bound to have a local insurance agent who is willing to connect with you and help you choose the right State Farm auto insurance polices for you and your vehicles. That too, at an affordable price you can’t turn down.

Collision Insurance Policy

This coverage either pays to repair and or to replace a car damaged due to collision with an object or due to roll over. In a covered accident, the policy not only pays the costs for fixing your vehicle but also extends to include substitute cars, newly-purchased ones and any other that you are using even if someone who is not your household member owns it. The coverage is, nonetheless, limited to the real cash value of your vehicle. It also requires a deductible; an amount you have to pay before you receive your benefits.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

This coverage pays to fix or repair a covered vehicle in the event of damage occasioned by something else apart from rolling over or collision. Examples of such cause include wind, fire, hitting an animal, hail, and vandalism. The policy also covers the replacement of a stolen car. In the event of the covered incident, the coverage goes beyond your automobile to include newly acquired ones, temporary substitutes and any vehicle you are using but not owned by members of your household. For more insights into this policy get in touch with State Farm Car Insurance personnel or agent.

Liability Insurance Policy

Auto liability insurance is a coverage that the law requires you to have in some states. So, how does it benefit you? If you are liable for the occurrence of a car accident, the policy pays for the victim’s medical expenses on your behalf. It is available in two varieties property damage and bodily injury liability. In some states, the law requires all drivers this policy. Even for those in which the law does not compel you to have it; it is advisable to buy the coverage as it saves you a lot of trouble and the associated unexpected financial constraints.

Underinsured Policy

If another vehicle hits your car, in any given scenario if that driver is at fault their liability insurance will be there to pay for the damages. As the name states, if that driver does not have enough coverage or is underinsured, your underinsured auto insurance policy will be able to help you with any outstanding costs.

These are some of the polices that State Farm offers. For more details contact your local State Farm Car Insurance agency and they will be able to assist you with all of your needs.

Uninsured Insurance Policy

Ideally, if another vehicle hits your car, his or her insurance pays for the damage. However, some people do not have the appropriate coverage in place. That is when this policy comes in; it spares you from paying for repairs and replacement of your vehicle for a crash you did not cause. Some states require every driver to have the policy while in others they are optional. Fortunately, the coverage doesn’t cost much particularly if you acquire it from State Farm Car Insurance.


Being in the insurance space State Farm auto insurance grants you with many different discounts that can be applied to your insurance premiums every month. Here is what they offer:

  • Accident Free
    • You will be discounted if the insured vehicle has been insured for 3 or more years without an accident.
  • Driving Safety
    • In select states, taking a defensive driving course can lower your insurance premiums
  • Good Driving
    • Drive 3 years without any violations and save on your insurance policy.
  • Vehicle Safety
    • Depending on your vehicle you can save quite a bit of money during an insurance claim. For more information please contact your local State Farm agency.
  • Multi Vehicle
    • If you have more than one vehicle insured, you can receive a discount on your insurance premiums per month
  • Multi Policy
    • To save money take advantage of all State Farm’s insurance offerings.

These are a few of the discounts offered to you by State Farm Car Insurance. For a full list of their insurance discounts and how they apply to you please contact your local State Farm Car Insurance agency today!


State Farm Car Insurance is by all standards your ultimate auto insurance and financial service provider. Besides ticking all the boxes in claims and price satisfaction, ease of interacting with and shopping for the policies, the company is available to attend to you round the clock. Its passionate representatives are also well versed with auto insurance in general and the available plans in particular. Consequently, they are best positioned to provide the right advice and recommendations when shopping for auto insurance policies. Additionally, the fact the company has been in operation for more than 86 years further affirms its commitment towards the provision of quality services. So, buy insurance cover of your choice from this credible company and have peace of mind knowing your concerns are in the hands of experts.