Progressive Insurance vs. State Farm Insurance

Deciding on new car insurance is a difficult and lengthy task, finding the best rates and coverage available to you can take a while. We have decided to take on that burden to ensure you get as much information to help make your decision when you are selecting between Progressive insurance or State Farm Insurance.

Both of these companies have been around for quite a while and each has their own successful track record that speaks for itself. So in reality, making the selection can be quite difficult, a decision will most likely be on the basis of the most benefits one will get from the company. The question is, what is it? Customer service? Coverage? Benefits? Discounts? Prices?

We have all of that covered, so read on to find out more about State Farm and Progressive insurance and how they compete against one another.

Progressive Insurance Discounts

Aggressive Insurance one of the biggest insurance companies in the space. They offer a wide variety of coverage ranging from Auto all the way to home this is incredible for anyone looking to buy in the market. They have affordable pricing and on top of that they have some discounts and customize rates that can be beneficial to anyone.  you may what discounts are offered by Progressive Insurance? read below to find out more.

Like all insurance companies, Progressive Insurance has some discounts that are considered to staple for any insurance company today. this can range from multi-vehicle policies or even a bundled program.  Progressive Insurance has two unique discount programs available for customers to choose from, these are known as the name your price in the snapshot program. so how do these actually work?

  • Snapshot program
    • This type of program is unique to the auto insurance industry, so far Progressive Insurance is the only one that has available. How it works, Progressive Insurance sends you a little module that you would plug into your OBD reader and it will record your driving habits. It’ll record things such as your speed, Breaking Habits, accelerating habits, even how much you rev your engine. This is pretty cool if you think about it you can get a customized insurance quote based solely on your driving habits but a lot of variables taken out such as age and location of these are two things that heavily impact your insurance. Although this is a great tool to use it can also have a negative impact on some customers based on their aggressive driving habits. so to be safe if you’re ever using this for a free quote from Progressive just make sure to drive carefully and safely and control the road rage.
  • Name Your Price tool
    • With Progressive’s Name, Your Price tool you can just fill out a survey online regarding your vehicle distance traveled and driving habits. You’ll be provided with an online quote that’s custom-tailored to you so you can just select the right one and go on with your day. easy isn’t it? what was at the center near 31st and 90th Avenue

These are some of the most unique discounts offered to you by Progressive Insurance. More information on their discounts and what they have available for you please give them a call or find out more information here.

State Farm Insurance Discounts

Like all other insurance company, State Farm is no different they have their own personalized plans that are custom tailored to you as well as discounts applied to your insurance premium to help lower the costs. State Farm has many different insurance discounts ranging from, safe drivers, student discounts, even people who have been with a stay on for such a long time you can still take benefit from them! So what insurance discounts do they have available for their customers?

  • Student Away Discount
    • if you have a student in your household is under the age of 25 and they traveled outside for school, you can take advantage of the student away discount when they come back and use a vehicle on vacations are holidays or even when they’re at home.
  • New Vehicle Discount
    • If you recently purchased a brand new vehicle let State Farm know and take advantage of the discounts that you would receive.

These are just two of the discounts available from State Farm. Fable a wide variety of discounts available to you for more information on what you can take advantage of and how can benefit you please contact your local State Farm Agency or click here for a free online quote.


Of course with both these insurance companies being the top of the list it goes without saying no matter which one you choose you’ll be in good hands. Of course, all the details haven’t been provided such as all the discounts will be too long to list especially because each of these companies is their own unique twist the same discounts. They have different percentage amounts, meaning the impact it has on your insurance premium per month can vary. but both of these companies are highly credible and have their own strong following so now you know exactly both of them are about so it’s up to you to make your final decision, to do that why don’t you sign up and get a free quote with Progressive insurance as well as State Farm to get the ball rolling? what do you think?

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Now that we’ve given you the comparison between Progressive Insurance and Geico insurance it’s up to you to make that decision. Both of these companies have their advantages, Progressive Insurance has some advantages over Geico. Being their customer service aspect as well as unique tools that will allow customers to gain some benefit on their insurance premiums. With Geico, it goes without saying that their prices and catchy commercials are hit. Geico actually leads the industry with the cheapest most affordable pricing out of all the bigger insurance companies in the market today that’s without any discounts.

So how do you decide? If you’re looking to be in full control of your insurance policy, and also have some of the most affordable rates on the market, Geico is the insurance company for you. But if you’re looking for friendly customer service and unique discounts that can be applied to your account to help you save money every month, Progressive Insurance is the way to go. But no matter which of these companies you choose you will definitely be in good hands. for more information on Progressive Insurance and Geico Insurance, feel free to click here it’s a little free quote for each of these companies and sees what you get.