Progressive Insurance vs. Local Insurance Company

When shopping for auto insurance there’s only a select amount of companies that come to mind Progressive is one of them. their ability to mass-market to the consumers I gained a ton of clientele is one of the ways that they remain on top today. although as of lately it has been said that smaller insurance companies are actually remaining just as competitive towards these bigger insurance companies, specifically Progressive Insurance. So it would be fair to consider a local insurance company when you are shopping around for auto insurance. it’s starting to show that the negative connotation that is associated with local insurance companies are being proven wrong. So how does a smaller insurance company stock up against one of the largest insurance companies out there? Read below to find out more information.

Progressive Insurance Discounts

It goes without saying that Progressive Insurance has some of the most lucrative discounts on the market to help you save money today. this is done with many different tactics such as offer you this cancer having a multi-policy or a multi-vehicle policy. They even have some unique discounts available such as the Name Your Price tool, or the snapshot program. Although Progressive tries to make sure that their prices are competitive these discounts really do help a lot. So let’s take a look at what these discounts have to offer you.

  • Multi-policy
    • if you decide to take more than just auto insurance with Progressive Insurance, so just home insurance health insurance or even life insurance you’ll be rewarded with a discount on your monthly insurance policy for just having more than one Type of insurance with Progressive.
  • Multi-vehicle Policy
    • in most households, they have more than one vehicle available to use. this is very between a husband and wife and even children involved as well so that Progressive know you have more than one vehicle you want to ensure and get some discounts on them as well.
  • Name Your Price tool
    • although this isn’t really a discount, it’s more of a tool. This will allows you to set a certain budget you like per month you fill out a survey and let Progressive know that this is what you’re looking for. They come back with an offer that tells you exactly what you’d be getting for the price range you’re looking at and that way you can structure your own custom quote and be comfortable with it.
  • ¬† Snapshot Program
    • this is an incredible tool offer to you by Progressive Insurance what it is Progressive Insurance gives you an OBD Port put into your vehicle. This then keeps track of your driving habits and that way gives you a custom quote based exactly on how you drive, so if you’re a passive driver definitely be ready to save some money for per month. ¬†Although in some cases customers have actually complained that this is giving them higher insurance but then when they’re currently paying. The logistics behind a snapshot program records your driving habits, all the way down to how hard you break. So if you’re ever using this program definitely be cautious on the road.

Local Insurance Discounts

Local insurance companies it is a little bit more difficult to offer some discounts that are comparable to the bigger insurance companies in space. traditionally local insurance companies offer some cheaper rates than most of the bigger insurance companies in the space which is great. So what benefits do local insurance companies have that allow them to compare the Progressive Insurance? It’s the customer service.

With local insurance companies you definitely get a personalized experience, you get to meet the insurance agent, go to the facility you get a break down of everything you want to know about your insurance policy take your time with it. there are no phone calls with holes on the background trying to find out some information. That in itself a great point for anyone who’s just looking for a face to face meeting with an insurance agent to customize their policy. But wait there’s more, smaller insurance companies they’re able to be competitive in terms of coverage but blow away the competition especially the bigger companies with their cheaper insurance premium. So is this interest you click here to call your local insurance company gets your free quote.


No matter what way you choose, whether it be local or Progressive Insurance you’re in great hands. They both have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to take this information and figure out what would be best for you. so why not take the time to fill out an online quote with Progressive Insurance and reach out to your local insurance company here to speak with them and get your insurance quote over the phone.

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