Progressive Insurance vs. Geico Insurance

Selecting an insurance company can be pretty hard, especially if you don’t know where to start. So what considerations should you make when you’re deciding between some insurance companies? In this case, if you stumbled across this page you’re more than likely looking at Progressive Insurance vs. Geico Insurance and see what they can provide for you. They’re both pretty great and what they offer it’s pretty close to one another, so what makes them stand out from one another? Well, of course, the price, maybe even coverage between these two companies I think the biggest difference would be the customer service aspect. It all depends on what your prerogative is and what you think would be the best for you, is it, speaking to a customer service rep over the phone? Or being in total control of your insurance policy all on your own? let’s take a look at what rest of insurance and Geico insurance has in-store for their customers. Read below to find out more.


Both companies offer some comparable discounts, depending on what you’re looking for what suits your needs one company can definitely be more beneficial to you over the other. So how does this work on a discount perspective?

Progressive Insurance Discounts

  • Multi-vehicle Policy
    • if you have more than one vehicle insurance with Progressive Insurance, you’ll get a discount. So take advantage of it.
  • Multi-policy
    • if you’re looking for more than one type of insurance coverage, bundle them together and get a discount. It’s a great way to save some money on your insurance premium every month.

Of course Geico Insurance off of the same type of discounts as well so what makes Progressive stand out? There are two types of discounts aggressive offers a higher benefit to many customers. That is their name the price tool, and their snapshot program. For more information on these types of discounts click here to read more.

Geico Insurance Discounts

Geico Insurance offers pretty similar discounts to Progressive. They offer multi-vehicle policies, multi-policy discount, military discounts and even discounts for safety features on vehicles. Isn’t done in percentage increments, so you can see a variable rate based on what insurance discounts you’re eligible for. If you want to take a look definitely fill out a free quote here.

Customer Service

Customer service can be a tricky thing too many people. Depending on the type of person they may want to be in control of what they can do or feel comfortable being able to speak with a representative at understanding everything from top to bottom. Nothing is wrong with that, but after reviewing these two companies and seeing the similarities they have the one thing that will weigh the most in your final decision is the customer service aspect. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty it’s exactly what works for you.

Geico Insurance Customer Service

Geico insurance is a little bit different than most of the insurance companies, they allow customers in full control of their insurance policies. By using their award-winning app you can manage your insurance policies, select the types of cartridges you want and make payments. Being able to make these adjustments whenever you want it to be highly beneficial especially because you don’t have to log in to a website, you just use the app. with the app you can file claims update payments by submitting photos or even documents. It’s a fully self-serve system that proven to be successful.

Progressive Insurance Customer Service

Progressive Insurance has a traditional way of reaching their customers, too many is probably one of the best ways for communication and that is by speaking with customers over this phone.  Consumers have the ability to call Progressive Insurance 24 hours in a day whenever they feel necessary to make any adjustments and changes to their insurance policy and even file an Insurance claim through them. You can pretty much use this customer service hotline report an accident, make claims, get a quote, roadside assistance and even making payments to your insurance policy.

But it doesn’t stop there, Progressive Insurance allows you to also manage your own insurance policy online by logging into their website. Here you can make all the necessary adjustments, payments, and update your account is needed at your own fingertips.

No matter which avenue you choose Progressive Insurance you can add to speak to a live representative 24 hours in a day or decide to update and manage your own policy online using their website.


Now that we’ve given you the comparison between Progressive Insurance and Geico insurance it’s up to you to make that decision. Both of these companies have their advantages, Progressive Insurance has some advantages over Geico. Being their customer service aspect as well as unique tools that will allow customers to gain some benefit on their insurance premiums. With Geico, it goes without saying that their prices and catchy commercials are hit. Geico actually leads the industry with the cheapest most affordable pricing out of all the bigger insurance companies in the market today that’s without any discounts.

So how do you decide? If you’re looking to be in full control of your insurance policy, and also have some of the most affordable rates on the market, Geico is the insurance company for you. But if you’re looking for friendly customer service and unique discounts that can be applied to your account to help you save money every month, Progressive Insurance is the way to go. But no matter which of these companies you choose you will definitely be in good hands. for more information on Progressive Insurance and Geico Insurance, feel free to click here it’s a little free quote for each of these companies and sees what you get.