Progressive Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

Progressive is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States, quite frankly possibly in the top 5. Offering a vast coverage to all customers from auto insurance and more. They have a variety polices and provides you with the tools to find some great auto insurance coverage’s for you and your vehicle.

Benefits You Can Take Advantage of:

Each and every consumer is hungry to save a bit of cash here and there so they can spend the savings on vacations or a great time out with the family. Progressive Car Insurance strives to make sure that becomes apparent with their incentives

With Progressive, they provide you with regular discounts on your auto insurance policy to help you with your monthly premiums. Being one of the longest standing companies, Progressive does it right. Here is how they do it:

  • Snapshot Program
  • Name Your Price
  • Multivehicle
  • Multi Policy
  • Online Quotes
  • One Time Premium Payment
  • Customer Loyalty

Insurance Coverages

Like most companies you are offered with the traditional coverages available in the market today. You can expect the following available to you:

Call Progressive Car Insurance now or check out other insurance companies available to you!

  • Geico
  • All State
  • State Farm
  • Your Local Insurance Company

Discount Breakdowns:

  • Snapshot Program
    • This is a highly intuitive software that is uses your driving habits to calculate a reasonable quote for you.
    • Progressive sends you a module in the mail that you will put into your car OBD port that will record your driving habits via the cars computer. This allows Progressive to understand the type of driver and based on the risk assessment, in turn they can give you an insurance quote that is completely reflective on your driving habits.
      • Progressive Records The Following:
        • Speed
        • Braking (hard, light, medium)
      • Acceleration (hard, light, medium)
      • Miles Driven (per day)
      • Time Driving (how long it takes you to get to your destination)
    • Please note, that this is not guaranteed to reduce any current insurance policy that you have. There have been instances where customers have used the Snapshot program and have received quotes that are higher than they anticipated. Please call Progressive Car Insurance for more information.
  • Name Your Price
    • Take a short survey and provide them information about your vehicle along with driving habits and distance travelled to receive a list of policies they recommend based on your survey. This will then be able to structure a customized quote for you.
  • Multi Vehicle
    • Having multiple vehicles on the same policy will likely lower your monthly insurance premiums.
  • Multi Policy
    • Keeping all of your insurance policies under the same umbrella with Progressive they will offer you a discount on your insurance premiums to help save you money.
  • Online Quote
    • When you submit a quote online through the progressive website, you will be presented with a cheaper quote rather than doing it over the phone.
  • Pay In Full
    • If you decide to pay your premium in one lump payment, Progressive will give you a break on the payment and provide you with a discount. It works out to be cheaper than if you decide to pay monthly.
  • Customer Loyalty
    • Have you been with Progressive for a while? Call them up and see what discounts they can offer you for your current insurance policy.