Personal Injury Protection Insurance – What You Need to Know

Personal Injury Protection Insurance is a highly recommended insurance policy that drivers should purchase. In some states they actually require that this be part of your insurance policy. Since this type of insurance is considered as a “no-fault” policy by insurance companies it poses great benefits. Personal injury Insurance will be able to cover some of the expenses incurred to the policy holder regardless if they were at fault in the accident claim or not, this policy depending on the amount of coverage can also extend out any passengers in the vehicle as well.

If you choose not to purchase this insurance policy you do leave yourself to quite a bit of expenses if you were ever injured. Which is why we believe that you should choose this option even if it is required in your state or not. It’s a must.

What it Covers

If you already have medical covers elsewhere such as health insurance, sometimes you may not get benefits for coverage on accidents. You will need to speak to your health insurance company to find out the details of your coverage. In the case that this does happen, purchasing this insurance coverage will provide you with coverage for medical bills that happen during an accident and also may potentially overlap with some of the medical coverage you have.

In the case of an accident your insurance policy will cover the following:

  • Medical Bills
  • Hospital visits
  • Therapy
  • Chiropractors
  • And More

Personal Injury Protection Insurance works a little differently than traditional insurances. Suppose you were hit on the side by a driver that was running a red light. Your vehicle flips over and you end up with a broken bone and some medical expenses. Of course outside of all other insurances, your vehicle will be covered with the correct insurance procedure. Such as seeking the at fault drivers liability insurance.

Due to your injuries, your personal insurance policy will be used immediately to pay for medical bills and anything else to make sure you are taken care of. In the instance that the medical coverage you have taken is not sufficient to cover the expenses, you insurance company will then seek compensation from the at fault driver’s liability insurance coverage.

It goes without saying that any insurance that covers medical bills can be quite a complicated policy and something you should gather detail on before making a final commitment to your monthly premiums. When considering PIP insurance, you must make sure that you have any current medical or health insurance policies that you are enrolled in on hand. This is so you can compare the policies and see which level of coverage would provide you with the most value or just enough that you are satisfied with. We recommend that you take advantage of any additional benefits that are offered to you through Personal Injury Protection Insurance and combine it with any current health insurance that you have. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Is it Recommended?

Currently 15 states require this on your insurance policy. If you live in the following states you are required by your insurance company to have personal injury protection. These are the following states that this policy is a requirement:

When comparing this to your medical insurance coverage you may see that this Insurance is quite a bit more expensive per month. The extra costs you pay per month can either provide you with extra benefits that you don’t already have or give you an excess of coverage.

Contact your insurance company to get a detailed breakdown of personal injury insurance and also contact your insurance company who provides you with medical insurance.