Liberty Mutual vs. State Farm Insurance

Liberty Mutual and State Farm insurance are some of the best auto insurance companies out there for customers. They offer some of the leading discounts and benefits to help customers with their insurance needs. Both these companies take their time to make sure each interaction you have with the company is a seamless experience. Comparing these two companies will help you further understand which insurance company is most suitable for you. From their level of customer service to their discounts and benefits, you have to see which one of these companies do it best, and best for you.

About State Farm

Being the biggest insurance company in the space, State Farm has all bases covered. Serving over 83 million customers you know you are in good times. With this reputation they have an adequate portfolio of auto insurance that keeps them going. If you fancy being part of the biggest auto insurance family in the USA, you definitely need to check out State Farm insurance.

About Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is no stranger in the auto insurance space. Being around for over 100 years you can guarantee that they know what they are talking about when you inquire about auto insurance. With some of the best policies on the market today for your vehicle paired with some great customer service. They have a strong foundation for success on the market to keep customers happy and well protected. Of course, this should not be a surprise to you, being in their insurance industry for over 100 years you are sure to learn the ins and outs.

Benefits of these Insurance Companies

Like all insurance companies, both State Farm and Liberty Mutual have similar auto insurance policies that you can take advantage of. Of course, you can custom tailor these to your needs and what you think would be best for you.

With their insurance policies you can choose from comprehensive insurance, collision insurance and more. Just reach out to them and find out the best overall auto insurance plan that is best for you. To get an instant quote, feel free to fill one out online. It’s no obligation so you can get an approximate quote instantly.

Comparable Discounts

Insurance companies try to remain competitive in the industry and offer comparable policies, which is great. It gives you a ton of options to choose from. But their policies are not enough for you to make your final decision, discounts, benefits and affordable pricing seals the deal for many. Although this is a great way to shop, make sure you get the most for your money. So what discounts are offered to customers who choose these companies? – Firstly these discounts are not for just new customers, they are also for existing customers too! So don’t think you aren’t important to these companies.

Let’s break down the similar discounts that are available between both these companies.

  • Multivehicle Policy
  • Multi Insurance Policy
  • Good Student Discount
  • Vehicle Safety

With these companies, these are some of the benefits you get overall. They help reduce your monthly insurance premium each month. As a customer you will have to see which one of these companies can provide you with the best rate for you.

So far we have spoken about the similarities between these companies, they seem to be a great pick no matter which one you take. But what really separates these companies from one another? There are some personalized experiences and discounts that are unique to both these companies, so how do they stack up?

Liberty Mutual

  • New Vehicle Update
    • If you let Liberty Mutual know that you updated your vehicle they will reward you with a cheaper rate.
  • Newlywed
    • Recently married? Call Liberty Mutual and save now.
  • Exclusive Group
    • Noticeably Liberty Mutual does not offer many discounts on the front end. You can get huge savings on your insurance premiums if you work with any one of their partners through their own affinity program. So really, you are an exclusive customer.

Sure these are some of the many great ways to save with Liberty Mutual, but what does State Farm offer that can compare?

State Farm

  • Defensive Driving
    • Take a defensive driving course and save on your premium. This is a huge plus for families who have new drivers. If you prep them for driving conditions and situations on the road it will make you eligible for a discount on your policy.


We aren’t here to make the final decision for you. Our goal is to give you enough information that you can make an adequate decision when choosing the right auto insurance company. If you are comparing Liberty Mutual and State Farm insurance, I hope we provided you with enough information to make a concrete decision. Reach out to Liberty Mutual or State farm insurance company by calling them or completing an online form for an instant free quote. Who knows, you might find the right price with either one of them. Just remember that when you sign up for auto insurance, you aren’t stuck with them forever. You can always shop around and find new insurance policies that are suitable for you and your lifestyle when the time is right!