Liberty Mutual vs. Local Insurance Company

Sometimes when you’re shopping for an insurance company you may not always want to go with the biggest insurance companies in the space. Although many customers feel that they have no choice but to go with the bigger insurance companies and quite frankly they overlook the local insurance companies. By doing this they limit themselves to only what the big insurance companies have available, and are unaware of the benefits at a local insurance company has towards them. So let’s take a look at what local insurance companies have available to you when compared to Liberty Mutual Insurance one of the biggest insurance companies.


With the larger insurance companies in the space, they’re able to offer you discounts that unfortunately local insurance companies may not be able to. With that in mind, that does not mean local insurance companies do not provide you with a value that’s some of the larger insurance companies cant.  You may ask yourself what exactly that would be. Well for starters local insurance companies like the name and tells their local some more than likely they operate with a smaller overhead and they can give you a lower price per months when compared to the bigger insurance companies in the space even after all discounts are applied. That is a great incentive for someone who prefers a lower cost per month I prefer to work with a local insurance company as opposed to a bigger one.


When compared Liberty Mutual Insurance is a large corporation I can provide you with Benefits which is accident forgiveness or even new car benefits. These are extremely how helpful for you driver or even experienced drivers on the road.  But too many benefits can range differently from person to person, some customer’s value interaction and customer service levels over picking up the phone and speaking with an agent.

 Liberty Mutual insurance doesn’t have any physical locations where a customer can walk in and greet an agent and build their insurance portfolio with them, you’re required to either fill out a quote online or speak to a representative over the phone.  To some, this can be a daunting task because they feel that they may be neglected or they may not get a personal experience they prefer. Local insurance companies can provide many customers with personalized and customized experience simply because they have a brick-and-mortar location where you can meet an insurance agent and build your portfolio be on a first-name basis.

Outside of the customer service aspect, one thing that may draw the attention too many customers to a local insurance company would be the pricing. It goes without saying that local insurance companies provide you with significantly cheaper rates when compared to Liberty Mutual Insurance. Although this is great you keep in mind that the cheaper price may also come with higher deductibles or insurance coverages that may not be up to par with. If you’re confident in your driving abilities it’s a great way to save money to go with your local Insurance Company.


Overall, picking an insurance company can be a difficult task especially when you’re deciding between a local insurance company near you and a major player in the space. We advise that you take the time to do the research and learn about all of the local insurance companies in your area compared them to Liberty Mutual Insurance. That way you can determine whether or not your local insurance company provides you with more value when compared Liberty Mutual for you and your vehicle.

 Take the time to do the research and see what the best fit is. If you’re looking for a free quote with Liberty Mutual Insurance please click here. If you’re looking to get connected with your local car insurance company have your ZIP code ready we will connect you with the nearest auto insurance company near you.

We hope that there were a few takeaways from reading this and have given you some clarity in making the decision between your local insurance company and Liberty Mutual Insurance.