Liberty Mutual vs. Geico

It goes without saying, both Geico insurance and Liberty Mutual insurance are some of the most popular and well diverse auto insurance companies out there today. It really does come down to the smallest of details that will tip the scale for a customer to favor one company over another. 

Now ask yourself this, what does it for you?

Let’s compare three different categories that will help you make your final decision between these two companies. We will look at the similarities, discounts provided and the level of customer service they provide you with. After this detailed comparison we hope you’ll have sufficient information to make a decision that you feel is best for you. 

If you are looking for more information about either one of these companies individually take the time to check out our Liberty Mutual review or our Geico review here.

  • $ $ $
  • Great Pricing
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • $
  • Lowest Rates
  • Entirely Self Serve

Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverages that are offered by both companies are fairly universal amongst the space. Of course, they have their own little twist to them, such as different amount per deductible or simply how much your monthly payments would be. So what do these insurance companies over you for coverage?

These are just the basic policies that are available to you as a customer. Depending on how much you are willing to pay you might be selective on the company you would like to go with.


One of the biggest benefits that one looks for when they are shopping for an insurance policy is the price they are willing to pay. Of course the price you are willing to pay has a strong correlation to the quality of coverage you are getting. Already Geico has some of the most affordable pricing on the market, one thing that sets them apart from most companies. So what discounts can be applied to make your insurance more cost effective?

  • Multiple Policy
  • Multiple Cars
  • Good Student
  • Security Systems
  • & More

There are other discounts and benefits that are not listed here. For a full in-depth list of insurance discounts available contact Liberty Mutual or Geico insurance for more.

Customer Service

Customer service is the make or break for all companies. It is the most significant part for success, treating your customer’s right and giving them that convenience they are looking for keeps them there regardless of the price you pay. So without perfect customer service you may not have the reputation you need to keep yourself afloat. Both Liberty Mutual and Geico insurance have their own approach to customer service and each carry their own benefit.

Liberty Mutual uses the traditional model where you would speak to your insurance agent over the phone with limited engagement in person, if any. As a customer you are able to speak to a representative over the phone and file claims without hassle. This is a great asset, being able to interact is a great way to make the customer feel important and give them peace of mind when they are looking to shop around, changing their policies or filing claims. This isn’t the only method to adjust your policies, there is an option to adjust your policies online as well with liberty Mutual. With the digital age adapting, with Liberty mutual you have the ability to fully adjust your insurance policy, make claims and make payments all from the comfort online via their website.

Geico Insurance has one method of customer service and that is by using the direct consumer model. This is where the customer is in full control of everything, from making payments, applying discounts, and selecting insurance coverages this is all done by you using their award winning customer service application. Sounds cool right?

Our Geico Insurance Rating

Our Liberty Mutual Insurance Rating

You Decide...

Between these two companies it is hard to determine which one to choose from, they are so similar yet so different in many ways. Knowing that you have similar insurance coverages all using completely different price ranges can be attractive to many, saving on your insurance premiums Geico can help you do that.

If you are looking for great coverage and customer support when you need it the most, Liberty Mutual has your back. Being able to make a call to customer service and get all the detailing information you need is a plus for many and quite frankly enough to overlook an increase in the price. With Geico, you are completely independent and make the changes and adjustments on your own accord, which is prominently why they have such affordable pricing.

In short, if you are looking for the best overall pricing, coverage and customer service Liberty Mutual is the company to go with. If you are looking to just save money on your premium and don’t mind having control in your own hands well Geico it is.

We aren’t here to make the decision for you, we just hope we can prime the slate for you to make an informative decision that will be the most beneficial to you and your vehicle. We tried to give the best information possible on all areas that customers look for when they are shopping. Now if you have the information you need and right now you are just looking for you insurance quote, feel free to full out a free online quote here with Liberty Mutual or Geico insurance.