Kansas Car Insurance

There are a ton of roads to drive in the state of Kansas with finding the right auto insurance to do so can be a daunting task. Did one of the states that are affected by tornadoes quite often make state for shopping for car insurance Disheartened. Constantly asking themselves if the auto insurance they have is the right coverage for them, or did they do enough research? We’ll put all those worries aside we’re here to guide you on how you should choose your auto insurance rates in the state of Kansas.

Required Coverage

Like with most States, for a person to be eligible to drive their car in Kansas you are required to have a minimum level of car insurance. They have a more in-depth approach towards minimum insurance requirements and here’s what it looks like.

  •  Liability insurance is there to help pay for any damages you’ve done to another vehicle in the instance of an accident.
      •  $25,000 in bodily injury coverage per person
      •  $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident
      •  $10,000 in property damage liability coverage per accident
  • personal injury protection
    •  This is the insurance coverage that pays for medical expenses lost wages you name it. This is there to make sure that if the incentive an accident your covered as well as your passengers regardless if you’re at fault or not. Here’s what you’re looking for in a personal injury protection coverage.
      •  $4,500 of medical coverage per person
      •  $900 per month somebody loses their job to supplement their income (one year)
      •  $2,000 and funeral expenses per person
      •  $4,500 in Rehabilitation costs per person
      •  $25 a day for at-home services (one year)
  •  Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage
    •  This is the insurance policy that will be used to pay out for any medical expenses you or any passengers incur on the basis that the other driver who you’ve been in an accident with does not have any coverage or not enough coverage.
      •  $25,000 per person
      •  $50,000 per accident

 Keep in mind these are just minimum requirements for insurance for you to legally drive in the state of Kansas. There are a ton of other options available for you to consider when stretching your insurance coverage and we highly recommend connecting with a local agent here where they can help you out with your insurance policy.

Optional Coverages

Share some optional coverages we highly recommend you take a look at when speaking with an insurance agent.

These are the insurance coverages we recommend anyone in the state of Kansas taking. Of course, they are an optional, show based on any given circumstance and being right down Hurricane Alley why wouldn’t you want to have your vehicle covered under any angle?  Give it some thought and definitely take a look will be able to connect you with a local agent to help you find the best and cheapest auto insurance in the state of Kansas.

For more information on insurance coverage and how you can get a policy right away contact us.

Average Cost for Car Insurance in Kansas

Kansas is one of those plates are not too far off of the national average. At $1,430 a year, you’re just slightly under that. It makes it affordable to get car insurance, we highly recommend shopping around for Better rates.

Is Kansas a No-fault State?

Yes Kansas is one of the very few states that are a no-fault state. Basically, after the accident your personal injury protection will kick in and it’ll pay for any of the medical bills or losses that you incur whether that be economic or not. Keep in mind that this does not factor in the person who was at fault in the accident at all.