Is Your Insurance Company Using OEM Parts to Repair Your Vehicle?

Most times after an accident, there are some damages that need to be repaired, parts that need to be replaced and more.  it’s safe to assume that your body shop where you taking your vehicle to use in the best of parts to repair your vehicle, but that could actually be subjective to the person. How you may ask? – Well, read on to find out more information. 

It goes without saying that when you want your vehicle repaired, in any circumstance actually even outside of an accident you’d prefer OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts for the job. There’s just a negative connotation to using aftermarket parts to repair any vehicle because too many, they are believed to be sub-par. In most cases, when your insurance company is issuing a repair for your vehicle, they are only covering the costs for aftermarket parts, not OEM. If you’re following along, you can quickly understand you shouldn’t assume that your insurance company is automatically going to pay you out for OEM parts either. 

But don’t be discouraged, here are things you should keep in mind when your insurance companies issue a repair for your vehicle. 

Request OEM Parts

If you are hell-bent on getting only OEM parts for your car, you will more than likely have to seek an insurance company that only covers OEM parts at the time of repair. If you are having doubts about your insurance company right now, contact a local agent for some help.

As we mentioned, seek a company that covers OEM parts because some insurance companies actually don’t cover them at all, so that should be of the first things you inquire about regardless.

But keep in mind, the older your vehicle the harder it is to get OEM parts, so there could be cases where you would just need to accept aftermarket parts in your car.

Not All Parts are Aftermarket

There are some vehicles on the market where using aftermarket parts or even finding aftermarket parts are almost impossible so the only route is OEM parts. For example, Porsche exclusively uses OEM parts for their vehicle, so don’t worry you Porsche enthusiasts. 

OEM is not Always Available

Depending on the vehicle that you own, you may not have access to OEM parts. For example, older mainstream vehicles could potentially only be repaired via the aftermarket as opposed to finding OEM parts.

Why Don’t Insurance Companies Use OEM Parts?

Insurance companies don’t use OEM parts by default simply because of the cost aspect. It goes without saying that OEM parts are far more expensive than their aftermarket counterparts. That being said, it is done this way so insurance is more affordable for everyone. 


Overall, forcing insurance companies to use OEM parts to repair your vehicle is something we feel like you shouldn’t do. Aftermarket parts are almost as good and in some cases even better than OEM parts, that is something worth remembering. 

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