Geico Insurance vs. Local Insurance

Everyone knows Geico, but do you know about the local insurance company near you? When shopping for auto insurance, your license to always go with the bigger insurance companies in the space and completely neglect your local Insurance Company. People fail to see the benefits that they bring simply because of the saturation of the market with bigger insurance companies like Geico. It doesn’t mean Geico hasn’t brought anything significant to the table, they probably are one of the best insurance companies out there especially because of their lower prices. That doesn’t mean local insurance companies can’t make the list, so if you’re deciding between Geico insurance or your local insurance company let’s take a look at what benefits they both bring to the table.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing and discounts are have you factor for many people when shopping for auto insurance. They looking for the best coverage for the best price. It goes without saying Geico and your local Insurance Company would probably be neck-and-neck in this comparison.

Geico Pricing


If you’re looking for a great price in the market with one of the bigger companies in space Geico is that company for you. What compared to all the bigger insurance companies in this space Geico has a significant advantage over simply because of their lower pricing. On top of their lower pricing, they do also offer discounts so take a look at what discounts you can take advantage of to lower your insurance premium even further.


  • Multi-vehicle policy
    •  If you have more than one vehicle that you’re looking to ensure with Geico let them know and you can take advantage of their multi-vehicle policy.
  • Safety Features
    • If your vehicle is equipped with a few safety features such as an airbag, anti-theft, anti-lock brakes and even daytime running lights, Geico rewards you with a % discount towards your insurance premium.
  • Drivers Courses
    • You can get a discount on your insurance policy if you have taken some defensive driving courses.

Local Insurance Pricing

With local insurance companies, you get the best price on the market. Because there are local, you get personalized customer experience as well as affordable pricing when compared to all the other players in the space. Although since AR smaller and operation it is unlikely that they’ll be able to offer you discounts on your already affordable price. So, unfortunately, most of the times with your local insurance company you’re left with a fixed price that they offer you.

Customer Service Levels

When shopping for auto insurance it is often overlooked customer service remains one of the most prominent pillars the great Insurance Company. Think about it this way when it’s time for you to make the claim or just your policy or even attempt to get you additional discounts you’d either have to speak to a person over the phone and wait a few minutes and be put on hold. That can be pretty tedious and quite frankly very frustrating as well, Geico insurance and your local Insurance Company have a slightly different approach that may swear your judgment to give both these companies were shot. Let’s take a look at their different levels of customer service.

Geico Customer Service

Geico has a unique approach to their customer service. You have no local agents and you have no agents you can reach over the phone. So how do they do it? With aggressive advertising their able to capture an audience where they are in control of their auto insurance coverage. Geico allows for the consumer to process everything for payments, insurance policy, filing claims, and anything else you can think of to their award-winning app. everything is entirely self-serve which brings a new angle into the industry. It’s safe to say that with this new angle everything goes smoothly, proven with a massive phone they have. 

Local Insurance Customer Service

With local insurance companies their company strives in customer service. That being said when compared to the bigger companies you can always rely on the smaller insurance companies to provide you with optimal customer service. So what exactly do your local insurance companies do differently? Well, firstly they offer you a personalized customized service. From everything from filing claims, making payments and even making your policy they are there with you sitting down making sure you understand the nitty-gritty so you leave knowing you were taking care of to the best of their abilities.

Most of the time ago go insurance companies you have a dedicated representative to help you at any given time. So not only do you get a personalized experience with that in person you also have them on the phone whenever you need them. So think about it like this, you become an extremely valuable customer where you get a one-on-one personalized experience whenever you need.


Between both these companies, the one relatable thing is price. If you’re looking for the best price either one of these options would be great. In terms of coverage think about coverage as you get what you pay for, it may not be the best of coverage but it’s certainly something that you can live with definitely match your day-to-day standards. The one thing that was set both these companies apart are the levels of customer service. If you’re into an entirely self-serve database where you can adjust anything and everything at your leisure definitely check out Geico. But if you’re more into a customized experience with affordable rates definitely give your local insurance companies shot.