Geico Insurance vs. All State Insurance

Getting the right insurance price is pretty easy. Call a few companies and get a quote and you’re on your way. But really there are a lot more factors involved than just pricing. So what are they? Well for one pricing is a great place to start, discounts, coverage and even customer service. These factors can weigh heavily in your decision-making process, but if you focus just on affordability you can find yourself in an unpleasant position.

So between Geico insurance and Allstate insurance, let’s see what they have to offer you. That way you can make a decision to get yourself the best auto insurance coverage you can. Read below to find out what you get from both of these big insurance companies in the space.

All State Insurance Pricing & Discounts

With auto insurance companies, All-State is considered to be one of the biggest insurance companies out there. Offering competitive prices Allstate keeps an advantage with the discounts they provide their consumers with. So chances are, they know what they are talking about when it comes to auto insurance.  Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent insurance discounts available to customers.

  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
    • If you have more than one vehicle you are looking to ensure, All State insurance will provide you with a discount on your insurance premium.
  • Safe Driver Discount
    • If you maintained a clean driving record for over 3 years, All-State will reward you with a substantial decrease in your insurance premium.
  • New Car Discounts
    • Do you have a new car? Let All-State know and take advantage of the new car discount.

These are just a few discounts available with All State insurance. They have a wide variety of discounts available that you could be eligible for. If you are looking for great coverage at a great price, definitely take the time to fill out a free no obligation quote with All State Insurance.

All-State Customer Service

All-State insurance strives to bring the best customer service to you whenever you can. It goes without saying that customer service can be the biggest turning point for many. They have two different approaches to this, being able to visit your local All-State or having the luxury to reach out over the phone. So let’s give a break down on both of these approaches and see which would be best for you.

  • Local Insurance Agent
    • Many customers prefer to have a personalized experience when dealing with auto insurance. All State has local agents where you can meet with them and create your own insurance plan. This is great if you want to take your time and understand everything on your insurance premium.
  • Calling the Insurance Company
    • Being able to connect with your insurance company at any time of the day brings much convenience to you. You are able to speak with a representative and pay bills or even file claims. It is an incredible luxury and convenience you get when signing up with All-State insurance.

Geico Insurance Discounts

Geico is proven to be one of the biggest insurance companies in the USA. With their prominent advertising, it goes without saying, they have quite the following. Offering the cheapest prices when compared to any of the insurance companies out there you can say, Geico has priced in the bag. With their already cheap rates, what discounts can be applied so you can save more on your auto insurance premiums?

  • Multi-Vehicle Policy
    • If you have more than one vehicle you are looking to ensure, add it to your Geico policy to get a discount for multiple vehicles.
  • Good Driver
    • If you are a good driver and have no chargeable claims you can receive a discount on your auto insurance policy.
  • Safety Features
    • If your vehicle is equipped with select safety features, you will be eligible for a discount towards your premium.

Geico insurance has the most affordable rates in the market today when it comes to insurance. If you are looking to take advantage of that and get even lower rates definitely take a look at all the discounts they offer. It can be a great benefit to you if you are seeking a budget-friendly option with great coverage.

Geico Insurance Customer Service

Geico insurance has a different approach to customer service that caters to a younger audience. The model they use is entirely self-serve. You use their award-winning app to make payments, process claims and adjust your coverage options. You may not be able to meet or even speak with a live rep, but the idea of having the ability to adjust your insurance policies at your fingertips any time of the say can be a huge benefit to tech-savvy. Not only are you in your element but you also save quite a bit of money as well each month!


We hope we gave you some insight on both All State and Geico insurance. Both of these companies are great and have their own advantages. They are on the opposite ends of the spectrum but still manage to hold their own and cater to a specific customer base. Being an entirely self-serve option with Geico or being able to speak and interact with agents to personalize your experience with All State.