Geico Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

Offering insurance to all 50 states, Geico Car Insurance manages to remain one of the top competitors in the market. Being ranked the second auto insurance company in the United States it is guaranteed that Geico offers some of the best auto insurance coverage’s in the market. Being entirely self-serve Geico allows you to update and change your polices at just the push of a button using their award winning mobile app.

Benefits of Geico Car Insurance

If you are looking for auto insurance, Geico is a great place to start. They have the most affordable rates out of any major insurance provider to date in the United States. To pair that off they have the most unique options that you can customise to your daily driving attitude. Using their entirely self-serve system to take control of your own insurance policy and make adjustments as you please, the freedom to add and remove polices to hit the desired price that you think is best for you is just at the tip of your finger. Geico has an award winning app for their insurance policies, quite frankly when compared to its competition, Geico has made the most intuitive and user friendly app available on the market for insurance. Here is what Geico offers:

Since Geico is primarily operated by you and almost impossible to speak to an actual rep. Some may think that is a downside to the company. Although many see it as a strength as well. Geico offers amazing car insurance coverages that are identical to that of their competition, especially some of the bigger players in the space like Allstate and State Farm. Like all other insurance companies they offer the same policies around.

Geico does cater to the needs of their customers and offer them new polices that can seem quite beneficial to many on the market. Some of the unique features that Geico offer are as follows:

  • Rideshare Insurance
  • Accident Forgiveness

So what are these exactly?

Rideshare Insurance Benefits

With the introduction of rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft, it was without surprise that Geico has jumped on this new market and offered rideshare insurance coverage to their customers. They may not be the only company that offers protection against rideshare, but to be honest Geico does it the best.

Many insurance companies get you to purchase the rideshare insurance as a separate policy from what you currently have and pay extra on top. With Geico, you are able to option a hybrid policy. This is Geico’s custom insurance policy where you get personal auto insurance as well as rideshare insurance in one. This is simply to make it easier for you to manage your own insurance profile and save you money in the long run from paying for two separate insurance policies.

Accident Forgiveness

Geico is one of the few insurance companies that offer accident forgiveness. Accident forgiveness is an exceptional benefit to anyone who is a new driver. Pairing this with lower rates than most companies on the market, what else can you ask for? Geico’s accident forgiveness, forgives a first time at fault accident to anyone, this too they do not impact their insurance premiums as other companies do.

Discounts and Pricing

Geico Car Insurance is undoubtedly one of the cheapest insurance companies available on today’s market. They do not undercut their competition, they simply are able remain incredibly competitive against them. To some the cheaper rates may not be worth the sacrifice of not having a local agent to assist you, but rest assured their online self-serve program is extremely intuitive that with a few minutes you will be able to navigate and create custom insurance policies for yourself.

Even though they do have the cheapest rates, most of the time this is applicable to drivers with a flawless record or haven’t been in an accident in the last 5 years. With Geico, your insurance premiums are a bit higher if you have been in an at fault accident in the past 5 years. With that being the case, we strongly recommend that you consider Geico when you are shopping around for a new insurance policy. The competitive rates that they offer is too good to turn around.

As we said before they do have the cheapest rates but that doesn’t stop them from giving you some attractive discounts on your already affordable insurance premium. Here are some of the things Geico discounts your insurance policy for:

  • Safety Features
  • Multi Vehicle
  • Multi Policy
  • Military
  • & More
    • Call Geico Car Insurance for more information about the discounts that they offer you.


Geico is by far one of the best auto insurance companies out there today. The simplicity of their self-serve interface allows you to be flexible with your insurance policies and take advantage of any discounts immediately. With all the benefits and cheap rates, Geico is not a company that should be passed up by anyone. Their online reviews already speak for themselves. Finding a company with both great customer service and affordable rates is hard to come by. Take the chance today and sign up to Geico Car Insurance today!