Florida Car Insurance

I guess you stumbled on this page to get some answers to the many questions you have right? You may be new to the state of Florida or probably have been living here for a while. Nonetheless, I’m sure you want to know more about the types of auto insurance you can get in the state of Florida. Regardless of your situation if you are looking for a much more affordable rate or brand new coverage for yourself or a new driver in the household. We have you covered.

Every driver in the state of Florida needs to have coverage on their vehicle when on the road. Taking the steps to compare car insurance rates in your area is a great start. It can give you an insight into what you’ll be looking for and what you would need with the bigger insurance companies in the space today. Even though getting your quote with a larger insurance company is great, definitely consider the smaller insurance companies as well! They almost always have cheaper rates and provide you with the best customer service.

Take a look at what your local Florida car insurance company has to offer you and get your instant quote over the phone now.

No matter which approach you take large insurance companies or the small local insurance company they both will provide you with enough information to make that informed decision when you are ready to get your insurance quote. Before you make that commitment, be that smart consumer and get as much information as you can before you make that jump. We have made it as easy as we could for you to get that information just on this page! Read on and learn everything you need to know about car insurance in Florida.

Required Coverage

In the state of Florida, there are minimum requirements that you need to be aware of. Essentially that means you will have to have certain insurance coverages on your vehicle that will legally allow you to be covered when driving. So what are they?

Florida requires you to have the following car insurance.

  • $10,000 Personal Injury Protection Insurance
  • $10,000 Liability Insurance Coverage

Even though they recommend that you have these two insurance coverages, we highly recommend you take a look at other available insurance coverages and the benefits they provide you with. Take a look at all types of insurance coverages available for more information!

We want to make sure before you make that commitment with the insurance company you are equipped with adequate knowledge moving forward. That pretty much means you know everything that has to deal with Florida’s car insurance policies and what minimum coverages you need to get the ball rolling. We just want you to be that smart shopper and hopefully, you won’t get blindsided with an insurance policy you technically won’t need. Also, hopefully, you will end up with the insurance policy that is right for you.

Our Recommended Coverage(s)

The sunshine state is great! Wonderful weather all year round. Let’s cut to the chase, getting the minimum coverage ideally is not the best option you should take. Why? Well, there are many factors that weigh in, and depending on how much one of these factors affect your situation, the variables can change thus altering your insurance policy. Although we can’t give you the best coverages to you, the best we can do is give an explanation for this.

If you want to skip the reading and get a quick quote with a local Florida car insurance company call them now.

Since the precedent has been set by the State of Florida on what your minimum coverage is, we will give our honest opinion as to what we think should be added as an addition to your insurance coverage.  

Comprehensive Insurance

In Florida, this insurance policy is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Weighing out the pros and cons we highly recommend you take the time to do the research and add this to your policy. If you are unfamiliar with comprehensive coverage, in short, it covers damages to your vehicle that results outside of an accident.

So why do we recommend this? Well, Florida is a state where hurricanes occur quite often. Yes, it does vary depending on where you are located, for example, Southeast Florida has more hurricanes than Central Flordia. That may be a fact, but it does not mean there aren’t any repercussions for anyone in Central Florida, you may have fallen branches or damages that are unaccounted for which would be covered under comprehensive insurance.

Minimum Policy

You are already presented with the minimum policy amount which you can reference above. To some that may be great coverage. Although, depending on your situation that coverage may not be enough. This is where we recommend you increase the amount of coverage you have that is offered by the state. So in this case, the state requires a minimum of $10,000 for liability insurance and personal injury you may want to check out a $50,000 coverage or even a $1,000,000 coverage.

If you want more details on how this works, contact your local insurance company here.

Our Thoughts

Living in the sunshine state where you only see two conditions, sun and rain is a blessing. You don’t have to worry about the snowy conditions and roads that hinder driving ability. You get to enjoy your sports cars all year round with the windows down with ice cream outside all the time. But with all these positives we do encourage you to purchase the right insurance coverage. The state does have a minimum requirement although our recommendation is that you take the time to understand the benefits of purchasing insurance that is higher than the state minimum. Of course, we ask that you also consider our personal recommendations that you should add to your insurance policy. Make sure your policy is reflective of your driving habits as well as your living conditions!

Why waste time? Contact a local Florida car insurance company for the best rates available here.