California Car Insurance

Across the Nation, the state of California remains one of the most expensive places to insure your automobile. Maybe that’s due to the amount of Tourism it has or just the amount of traffic it has. But it goes without saying it’s one of the busiest and most beautiful states in America. Coastal driving, amazing stores it has a life for everybody.

 State of California is considered a fault state, meaning that if you have no driver’s insurance can you cause an accident I can be quite happy some you’ll have to carry. The state of California has some of the strictest car insurance laws out there. 

As we said, having it that’s one of the most expensive places where you have to ensure your vehicle don’t lose hope. It’s kind of simple, shop around like everywhere else and you’ll be able to find some of the best and cheapest auto insurance rates in California. Before you do that you definitely have to understand what you’re getting into and what is required in the state of California before you get behind the wheel and start driving.

Required Insurance

When you have a vehicle insured in California, the minimum insurance at a glance seems much lesser that one would anticipate.

  •  bodily injury $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident
  •  property damage or $5,000 per accident

 Over all these numbers seem quite low and as recommended like everything else we advise that you do proper research before you off for the minimum coverage. There can be situations where the minimum coverage may actually put you in a worse situation than you should be in. So saving that extra money on your monthly payment isn’t always that Wise Choice.

Optional Coverages

 We recommend drivers who have more to lose definitely consider offering for higher insurance coverage and paying the extra per month giving themselves a piece of mind. And if you’re seeking peace of mind hear some optional coverages that you should definitely consider before finalizing your insurance coverage.

  •  Comprehensive
  •  Collision
  •  medical and funeral
  •  Towing
  •  gap insurance


Don’t be overwhelmed by all the options you have driving the state of California. It’s actually a good thing to have some is one of the most expensive states to insure a vehicle. Having these options are able to shop around and get the best price for yourself. So when collectively finding your quotes ask your insurance companies for discounts if they offer to you and what you be eligible for. It allows you to save an additional 10 to 30% on your car insurance premium, and believe me that adds up.

 Another thing to mention is if you’re a Tesla owner definitely consider looking at the Tesla Exclusive Auto Insurance available only in the state of California. It’s kind of new but it is cost-effective for those who drive a Tesla. You can find out more about the Tesla Insurance here. 

Average Cost of Insurance in California

We all know that California is an expensive state to live in. The insurance premium is no exception to this rule, when compared to the national average you are looking at about at 20% increase. 

The average for car insurance in California is just over $1700.

California Driving Laws

When it comes to the law and how accidents are handled. California has a different approach than most. They are not considered a no fault state. This means, that each party has their insurance company pay for the damages in the accident. Additionally, the person who is at fault in the accident will pay for the opposing party injured in the accident, but the injured party foes have a right to sue if they are not accepting of the amounts paid out.