Allstate Insurance vs. Local Insurance

Finding the right auto insurance is key to any consumer out there. Its a commitment that you will need to make for quite a while, so you have to make sure it is a good relationship from the start. What determines a good relationship? Well, it is subjective but we should take a look at the biggest factors that would be of benefit to anyone shopping around for auto insurance. They would start with price, discounts, customer service and any additional benefits.

If you landed on this page you are probably wondering if you should choose either Allstate Insurance or your Local insurance company for auto insurance coverage. Both of these companies have their pros and cons. So let’s take a little bit of a look of what these companies offer and how they can be beneficial for you when you are ready to make that final decision for auto insurance.


Pricing is a huge factor for anyone who is shopping around for the right auto insurance policy. If done correctly you can end up with some of the most affordable pricing with some great coverage too. So let’s take a look at how All-State and your local insurance company does it.

Allstate Insurance Pricing and Discounts

Allstate is known as one of the biggest insurance companies around. Serving millions of customers a year, it is safe to say they have every angle of insurance covered. When compared to the bigger insurance companies their prices are a little bit more expensive. Even though that is the case, the extra cost per month can be extremely beneficial for some. This is heavily due to their prioritization on customer service. With that being said, the slightly more expensive prices can be adjusted with the discounts available.

  • Multi-Policy Discount
    • If you have more than one policy you are looking for such as home insurance or health insurance. You can receive a discount for bundling your insurance policies.
  • New Car Discount
    • Save big for buying a brand new vehicle.
  • Safety Feature Discount
    • If your vehicle is equipped with some safety features you can save some money on your insurance premiums each month.

These aren’t all the types of discounts available to you from Allstate insurance, but they are some of the ones that weigh the most on your insurance premium. For more information regarding the discounts available, click here to speak to your local All-State agent.

Allstate Insurance Customer Service

Remember when I said Allstate had some of the most expensive pricing for auto insurance when compared to the competition? Well, it is simply based on their passion for excellent customer service.

Allstate insurance has a 24-hour customer service line where you can call for any questions. So if you are looking to make a payment, file a claim or adjust your coverage, you can do that there. Sure, every tycoon in the insurance company has this for them, what makes Allstate different? Their local agents. Allstate spends a lot of time perfecting this, they have local agents to you anywhere you are, so if you prefer to have that intimate customer service experience definitely check them out.

Local Insurance Pricing and Discounts

Since local insurance companies are quite small, it goes without saying they have the pricing down. Offering some very affordable pricing to their customers is a great way to keep them happy. Although with their already affordable pricing the discounts can be very minimal in some cases, unavailable.

For detailed information on any discounts and pricing with your local insurance company, let us connect you. Click here to get connected now.

Local Insurance Company Customer Service

Your local insurance company strives on customer service. So it is expected that you will receive nothing but exceptional customer service that will keep you forever.

If you looking for a great intimate experience where you are a valuable customer, your local insurance company will do this for you. You will build your portfolio with one agent and become a valuable client of theirs. It is a great way to have everything looked after stress-free.


Between these two companies, the choice can be very simple or difficult. We do hope that after reading this you have a few takeaways that can help you when making your final decision. Both companies are great at what they do with slight differences between them, regardless of the footprint they have in the space. With Allstate, you get some amazing coverage and customer service through the phone or visiting a local insurance company. With your local insurance company you get the most affordable rates you can find with auto insurance and to pair with that, exceptional customer service.

We aren’t here to make the final decision but we hope we gave you the most insight possible to help clarify any questions you have. So to finalize your research, get a free no obligation quote from both of these companies, click below for either Allstate or your Local insurance company.

Allstate Insurance

Your Local Insurance Company

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