Allstate Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

Every insurance company strives to keep their clients happy with the best offered rates and polices you can think of. Keep customers interested with catchy jingles and memorable commercials are a great way to quickly grab your attention and have you make a call to them. It’s a great idea because when the time comes to it, you won’t forget that jingle in your head from that insurance company you wanted to call. Allstate car insurance isn’t any different.

Allstate has been around for years, being a prime insurance company for many homes in the United States, it is safe to say that Allstate car Insurance is one to be considered when you need to know anything about auto insurance. With the many types of insurance policies they offer ranging from, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance and auto insurance. So if bundling your insurance and keeping yourself under one umbrella is your style, Allstate insurance is the way to go.

Benefits of Allstate Car Insurance

Serving all 50 states, one thing that attracts customers to Allstate are the unbeatable prices and customer service. They have found the perfect balance that allows them to achieve this. Offering many discounts based on your driving record and history to even bundling insurance policies that they have offered can help you save money in the long run. To even having local agents near you so you can always go in person to talk about your insurance policies face to face to get things going.

Allstate has their own advantages that keep them at the top of the food chain for insurance. Offering the regular insurance policies with some fancy add-ons allow you to customize your policy to suit your lifestyle and pairing that with the attractive prices they have is a huge plus to anyone. 

Here is how you can do just that:

  • Bundling Your Insurance
    • Pairing your auto insurance policy with any of their home, life or health insurance it entitles you for a discount not only on auto insurance but also any of the polices that you have paired with.
  • Multi Vehicle Policies
    • If you have more than one vehicle at home, you can add an additional vehicle onto your policy and receive discounts on your monthly premium.
  • New Vehicle Discount
    • If you are a proud first owner of a brand new vehicle. Let the Allstate insurance know and they will be able to apply a discount on to your monthly premium.
  • Young Driver/Student Discount
    • Take an online survey through Allstate insurance and see if you are eligible for the student rate discount.

Like all insurance companies, discounts are an incentive to keep customers so they don’t look elsewhere. Allstate provides you with some of the best variety that can help you with your insurance premium each month or just your insurance premium overall. So here is how Allstate car insurance helps you with your insurance premium:

  • Safety Features
    • If your vehicle has been equipped with the latest safety features you can potentially get a discount of 10% on your monthly insurance premium.
  • Payments
    • Depending on how you make your payments. Allstate Insurance will apply a discount onto your premium if you do one of the following:
      • Pay Online
      • Pay in Full
      • Pay with Auto Deposit
    • Good Driving Habits
      • Have good driving habits and maintain that perfect driving record and you can be rewarded with a discounted premium.
    • Accident Forgiveness
      • One of the best perks Allstate offers their customers is the accident forgiveness program. A lot of people fear the day if they were to ever be in an accident. I’ve been there and it is a lengthy process. Stressful too, your insurance premium will always go up if you were at fault in an accident and while that can be justified like the famous saying goes “you do the time if you do the crime”, at least I think, Allstate has you covered. Their first time accident forgiveness program is a lifesaver, if you are ever at fault in an accident and of course it is deemed your fault they will not penalize you by increasing your premiums.
    • Two year Replacement
      • If you manage to total your vehicle in the first two model years, Allstate will issue you a check for the actual book value for your vehicle.
    • Ride-share Insurance
      • If you are considering becoming an Uber or Lyft driver Allstate offers discounts and coverage as well.

Types of Coverage's

Allstate car insurance offers you with the typical insurance policies but add their little twist to it, the price. Allstate has some of the most affordable rates on the market and offers some of the best coverages you can ask for.


Here is what you have covered:


  • Collision Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Uninsured Insurance
  • Underinsured Insurance
  • Rental Car Coverage
  • Roadside Coverage
  • Sound System Coverage
  • & More
    • Call your local Allstate Insurance Company to find out more about polices they offer.


Allstate is a great company for anyone who is looking for an affordable price alongside great customer service and local staff to help you when you need it most. To new drivers and experienced drivers, Allstate insurance will provide you with the best and most affordable quote based on your age and driving record. Don’t be discouraged from just the quote alone, you can bundle services and make payments in ways that can actually give you some heavy discounts when combined. So save money and take the affordable route. Go Allstate Insurance today. For more information on polices that are offered to you by Allstate insurance and their specialty polices, please contact your local Allstate insurance provider.