Get Your Car Insurance in Alaska Today

In the United States’ most northern state we know that I can get extremely cold. In Alaska with just a population of under a million people, you can imagine that they’re quite a bit of driver on the road. But nonetheless, you should definitely look into the insurance policies that are required if you live in Alaska.

 Granted, in some areas you might not even need car insurance! That’s crazy don’t you think? Being able to drive and not worrying about paying car insurance premium each month. But don’t take this as a Saving Grace, if you’ve been in an accident within the last 5 years in Alaska you are required to take their minimum insurance policy.

 The same scenario applies no matter where you are if you are ever in an accident and don’t have insurance coverage might be paying an arm and a leg have yourself covered. That’s why it’s always the smartest to look into the insurance options you have available and consider the best route for you.

Recommended Coverages

In the state of Alaska, there are areas where you don’t need to have car insurance. Although for the sake let’s assume that the entire state of Alaska you need car insurance. But your peace of mind clicks here to find out more information on the areas that are exempt from car insurance in Alaska.

 Here are the required minimum car insurance coverages you need in the state of Alaska

  •  $50,000 bodily injury per person car accident
  •  $100,000 bodily injury limit per accident 
  •  $25,000 liability coverage in property

Optional Coverages

Because an Alaska Auto Insurance is exempt in some areas where registration isn’t required, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer Auto Insurance. I highly recommend that you consider at least the minimum insurance coverage for your vehicle. It sounds like a broken record, but save yourself the headache if in case you ever going to an unfortunate situation where you’re in an accident. The last thing you want to do it is to put your life savings towards paying bills and fixing your car. 

Now that you have all the right information to make it a proper and informed decision about your current Insurance set up in Alaska we highly recommend that you contact a local agent. so click here to call and get the best cheap auto insurance in Alaska today.


Believe It or Not, There are some individuals in Alaska that have difficult times getting insurance coverages. Whether that be due to poor driving habits or just tough luck, there is an alternative for you. You should definitely check out the Alaska automobile insurance plan which is created to help people who are unable to get insurance coverage in the market. 

Is Car Insurance Expensive in Alaska?

When compared to other states, Alaska has relatively cheaper car insurance. On average you are looking to pay slightly about $1150 per year. 

That works out to about $95 per month and approximately 20% lower than the national average. 

Alaska Insurance Regulations

Alaska is considered a no fault state. Meaning when it comes to the accident the person who is deemed at fault, is responsible for compensating anyone who was harmed during the accident. Not necessarily the individual, unless your insurance policy isn’t sufficient to cover it, then that’s a different story.