My name is Nazeer Rasul, 

I started this website to educate people on one of the biggest necessities people need to have on a daily basis, car insurance. This is something that piqued my interest recently when I got into my first car accident and realized that car insurance is one of the biggest expenses people have to payout.

I recently got married in August of 2018 and I’m a car buff. Like when I say a car buff, I swap cars so quickly that it’s as if I’ve never about to experience the full potential of them. Now that I’m becoming more independent with my finances, I notice car insurance is quite a big one.

At the age of 26, I had bought about 7 cars, currently looking at getting a brand new one as well. To each their own but I’m a huge BMW fan. A little trade off I made with my wife is that if I can get affordable car insurance, I can get the vehicle. Fingers crossed.

So I created this website to make sure that anyone else in my position, or someone who’s looking for car insurance and can get the best deal possible. But keep in mind I’m not a car insurance Guru, I’m just taking information that I compiled on how insurance works and putting it all in one place for easy access.

None the less, we try to be 100% transparent with you and prove you with the most honest information we can. We hope that we can guide you to make a rational decision towards your insurance policy moving forward no matter what type it may be.

Although, it may be almost impossible for us to give you the best rates and changes that come from every insurance policy out there We keep our site simple and easy to maneuver by giving you the most up to date information with the biggest players in the insurance space today. Even if you think that the biggest players on the market aren’t for you, we even work with a company that will connect you directly to your local insurance company to give you the best rate possible near you. Cool right? Trust us, you’re in good hands.

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